Sunday, 7 January 2018

In Strange Places

I am still getting used to Tate roaming the house at will, even though it is only for periods where I have purposely let them out for exercise. I am back to always checking what might be under my feet before I move them.

"You very nearly trod on my foot that time. There's a 'treat toll' owed for that."

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Almost B

BHV: Come on MrB, let's have a photo of you, we haven't been able to put your chubby butt on the blog for weeks!
MrB: Nope.
BHV: How about for a treat?
MrB: Oh, OK then...[snatch][scarpering off]...psych!
BHV: Joke's on you MrB, I took one anyway! I bet It came out really clearly too and...

BHV: ...oh. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. [sigh]

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Tidying Up 2017

I wanted to tidy up and archive my photo catalogs today, but I forgot I was going to do that so I didn't get round to buying the external hard disk I needed and it didn't get done. I did however find some photos on one of my cameras that I had completely forgotten about from earlier this month, when I offered my two an old pet bed I had lying around.

"Oh, OK..."

"I see, I see..."

"I like what you've done here..."

"So it's"

"I give up. So do I poop in it or what?"

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Garden Tate

Well, we survived Xmas with no injuries or excitement. This, despite Tate mastering the stairs and now being a whole-house adventurer, especially when I don't want him to and just take my eye off him for a second.

Cold and snow have hit our region, so this means no more outdoor jaunts for the fosters for a while (I offered, Tate said 'No thanks!') and I haven't had time to sit down and work out what setting, fault or dead battery is causing my flash to not fire so no new photos. But here's one from the warmth of Saturday of an outdoor-adventure-loving Tate discovering that outdoor-adventuring comes at a cost:- mucky feets.

"Ergh! These feets do NOT taste of delicious grass as I'd hoped!"

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Garden Lyle

After all the sub-zero winterness we had the week before, this last week has been surprisingly mild. Today even got above 10℃ so this afternoon I decided to try and wear my foster bunnies out with a little binky time in the garden. Tate immediately went into adventurer mode then, after the novelty had worn off, lawnmower mode. Meanwhile, Lyle went a bit binky crazy - just look:-

"What? While you're watching me? You should know I'm too self conscious a bunny for that..."

Monday, 18 December 2017

One Rejected

Now that Tate is starting to calm down, we are having more opportunities to spend quality time hanging out. He likes to explore, especially when he finds me near a point of interest and can use me as a climbing frame. There have been many adorable moments having him clambering over me, I really need to try harder to get a photo of it, but I haven't been successful so far.

While you wait for me to sort that out, here is a another failure from the weekend - I wanted either a 'group photo', or a clean shot of each of them, Lyle decided to mess things up by refusing to stand on his spot, then sticking his head in frame and distract Tate at the last second.

Bunnies, eh?

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Not Very Flashy

I had this idea for a Xmasy-looking photoshoot thingy but it didn't work out. Having spent 20 minutes assembling all the components, my flash wouldn't fire consistently, which made it quite difficult for me to figure out how to fix the setup. This component also made it a bit tricky...

"Do you understand the word 'exponential'? Cos you might need to understand it to figure out my snack fee for every extra few seconds you expect me to sit here like this."