Thursday, 15 December 2016

Wall Bounce

So technically we are still on a break from taking carefully planned out photos for the Rabbit 365 Project and frankly even if we weren't I doubt I'd be doing anything proper for it this week anyway because I am probably only a sneeze away from having a complete breakdown remembering what was going on this time last year, but I am still trying to post a random pic of somebun every day.

I've been trying to better my flash-using skills so I've been doing a lot of bouncing flash off the ceiling (rather than pointing it at the bunny and blinding/scaring them) for most of the recent shots. Today I thought I'd try bouncing it off the wall instead. I kind of like some of the 'lit one side of the face' spookiness it produces, but unfortunately I'm so not used to the setup I kept miss-aiming the camera and chopping most of Anouska out of the picture. Ho hum, practise makes perfect. Or an annoyed bunny.

"You know what's REALLY spooky? You've been looking at me stood in front of this bowl for a full minute and you've still not put a single snack in it."

1 comment:

  1. She does look rather surprised.. obviously she is an eternal optimist than humans can actually take hints.

    I have been loving the photography blog, the details of the pics are amazing.

    (Yes Anouska, the detail in this case is your bowl is STILL empty.)