Saturday, 15 April 2017

2017 #102

I felt so sad that I got no Sprat cuddles last weekend, when he didn't even want to play with me, that I went back today hoping to find him in a better mood. At least he's talking to me now, but he didn't exactly have nice things to say...

"These aren't the treats I want. Not good enough. And don't expect me to tell you which treats I do want, you will just have to figure it out yourself."

At home, my two resent me following some post-banana bottom cleaning and tummy washing and medicines. The Rescue today was supposed to be a break from bunnies hating me. Ho hum.


  1. Oh dear,they don't hate you they just Disapprove at times,xx Rachel

  2. Well, go fetch the right treats! Hop to it!

  3. Maybe A and B need a brother, one who really knows how to trash talk and would be willing to invest some time in teaching this fine art, so they would be less inclined to hide or sulk or disapprove when you torment them. I think it would be healthier for everybody. As MH sang, "Putting you down won't square the deal, but at least you'll know the way I feel." It's kind of liberating.