Friday, 12 May 2017

For Delivery

"Where you figuring on posting me somewhere in this? Only I thought it might need more air holes."

"And I like to take REALLY deep breaths."


  1. Ms Anouska, do you think you could get Mr B-HV to take a picture of Archimedes next time he's at the rescue for me? I promise blueberries next time you're in Canada!

    1. .. and your engineering skills are without par!

    2. Archimedes is now remarried, to Jubilee, and living the life of a pampered house rabbit at home with Caroline in her new house. Unfortunately that means I don't see them anymore, though Caroline does post photos of them on the Rescue Facebook page. If you don't have access to Facebook you could try asking on "Big Ears, Tiny Tails" if they could post an update?

    3. Oops- "Tales" not "Tails"! That will teach me to be answering comments when I've just woken up!

    4. YAY! Happy Archimedes! Though, I'm sure he misses his wheelbarrow..

      Thank you for the update! <3