Thursday, 22 June 2017

In Need of No More

I popped over to Animals in Need today in preparation for possibly doing my summer photo project there.

If it goes ahead, it won't be my first project outside the RRR. My photo project last summer was for rabbit expert and author Twigs Way, taking photos of her many rabbits and garden. In that project I was trying out different types of shots with rabbits I hadn't met before, it was a fun challenge and I was pleased with the results. I've even heard rumour that at least one of the photos may have made it into Twig's latest book.

Then my winter project was for the rabbity Facebook page Fluffy Little Five, where I was practising indoor photography. This was mostly trying out the things I'd learned about lighting from some evening classes I'd attended. Again, I think it worked out pretty well, they seemed fairly happy with the results and many of the photos were used on their page.

For this latest project, I wanted to do something for another rescue, but maybe not just bunnies this time (though AIN do have a bunny section). So that's where I was today, scoping it out. And if Anouska asks, I absolutely DID NOT have my eye on any more bunnies I might like to bring home, absolutely not...

"Really? Cos you told us..."

Shush, jumbo adorable bunny! Shush!

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