Thursday, 19 January 2017

2017 #19

What the...??!! Who left this strange, sweet, inquisitive rabbit in my house and where's MrB??!!


  1. He's trying to lull you into a false sense of complacency.

    1. Or, maybe constantly whining about your bunnies pays off?

    2. You know, one of those, "when is he going to give it up?" things, or "if I come out now, maybe I'll get some peace and he will stop vilifying me online." Anyway, we all know you are so going to win over Bobbit, it's just that that inevitability doesn't quite match the "look" on that bunn's face yet. But, seriously, I hope no one stole your rabbit.

    3. I can't remember when I took this, like, what time of the day or whatever. We have the counter-intuitive situation whereby often after I've REALLY annoyed him by picking him up and cleaning wee off his tummy fur he suddenly becomes more confident around me. You'd think he'd avoid me following the indignity, but I think he knows that once it's done he's safe from interference from the day. Maybe this was in taken that period. (That photo from a few days ago with his foot out was taken after I'd cleaned him up - and he decided he could do a better job after I put him down.)

    4. Well, nothing says I love you like cleaning wee off a tummy. Maybe it's gratitude . . . not the most common bunnytude, but not impossible.