Monday, 23 January 2017

2017 #23

Having volunteered photographing runners recently, I came to realise (mainly through noticing how much better other people's photographs at these events were) that I needed a different lens. People are bigger and further away than most of the bunnies I photograph, my small lens collection is largely for aiming at little fluffy creatures who are nearby demanding treats. I figured out what lens it was I needed to photograph runners and it occurred to me that it would be useful for all sorts of other things too. Plus, I discovered that although the good ones I'd seen were prohibitively expensive, there was also a 'budget' version available. Presumably someone else's budget though - I'll still be eating beans on toast this time next year to pay for it.

So yes, as you've probably surmised, the other day I treated myself to one: a 'fast' 'telephoto' 'zoom'. (I've added the quotes there in case I've gotten any of those words wrong - it's still pretty new.) I've not tried it on runners yet, but I took it to the Rescue on Saturday and got exactly ZERO decent photographs with it. So that filled me with confidence.

However, at home this evening it occurred to me that this lens has one very distinct use - I can use it to take photos of MrB from further away!!!! Result! I mean, almost - I did faff about a bit too much, he got wise and decided it best to move away regardless of the distance so I ended up with a photo of his butt, but still - I am calling that progress(ish).

Tune in tomorrow for a photo of one of his ears maybe.


  1. I'd have responded quicker, but I had to go make some beans on toast. (Yum)

    I think it's an excellent picture of Bobbit showing runners how to properly stretch before an event!

    1. It was quite a spectacular stretch. It seemed a bit excessive in retrospect- the 'event' in his case was 'moving over about a foot'.

    2. You shouldn't question an athlete's goals or performance. They may snub you again. ;)

    3. Sadly I fear that's inevitable regardless!