Friday, 17 February 2017

2017 #48

I have a bunch of 'photographing stuff' activities planned for this weekend, so today I thought I'd have a quick practise at shooting some straight portraits. Then, to make it more challenging, I tried it with some added difficulty thrown in. The idea of nailing these simple portraits is to ensure I can knock out some standard shots during these activities so that if all other ideas fail I will have something 'in the bag' and it won't come away with no useable photos. That probably makes more sense in my head than I am explaining it.

Anyhoos, the challenging part I tried to work with here is 'subject is lit from behind' (the light from the window), so it's dropping in just the right amount of 'fill flash' to even it out - if you've tried taking this kind of daylight indoor photo without flash you've likely ended with a perfectly light background and a silhouette of a bunny but no bunny. Again, I know what I'm talking about but...

So here we go. Subject lit from behind by light from window, lit from in front with a drop of bounce flash (with a little added shadow recovery in software because I didn't quite get it right)...

"Is there a version of this technique where YOU"RE in shadow so I don't need to look at you while you faff with the controls on that funny box?"

Ah Anouska, always has just the right way to make you feel wanted.