Tuesday, 14 March 2017

2017 #73

"Apparently you don't keep the treats under this mat. Would you like to tell this bunny where they are, or should we just keep turning things over in the house until they appear?"


  1. Has Mr Bobbit entered the 'heavier shed' stage of bunnydom?

    (People tell me bunnies don't *always* shed, but I've yet to see evidence of this.)

    1. Absolutely not!

      Perhaps that ruffle of fur on his brow is his concern for the quality of treats?

    2. I fear he has personally crafted a permanently disapproving brow in his fur to serve as a constant reminder of how much I disappoint him.

    3. Poor abused Bobbit. I'll send him emergency papaya, stat.

    4. No, no, let Mr. B keep turning things over in the house. I'm sure he'll find it a satisfying alternative to treats. Being able to sublimate your desire for treats into rampant bunstruction is really the only way bunnies that are not fat can stay that way.