Friday, 4 November 2016


When I was planning this project (yes, that did sort of happen, believe it or not) I was wondering how...flexible I should be. The point of a 365 project is to take a photo a day, to think about how to capture a shot that fits within the current theme, to wonder to yourself, how much is too much italics. That much, in case you were wondering. Actually, that's not part of the project.

Well anyway, whilst I fully intend to take a photo a day, it did occur to me that maybe I didn't need to post today's photo today. Like, maybe I should be taking next weeks photos this week, then scheduling them up at the weekend (when I have more time) for the following week. It's an entirely practical idea, which should I catch up with myself I may still do. My bunnies have told me they wholeheartedly agree with this idea. Take the pressure off, they said. Don't rush it, or us, they said. Or we'll chomp up your props, they said. And they did.

Plush bunnies are so much easier to work with. Continuing the weeks theme of "Portrait", here is todays actual photo.


  1. Like this one and very sad that you are no longer posting on RRR site. Your funny blogs always captured the spirit of the rescue.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, that's very kind of you to say!