Saturday, 5 November 2016

Leafy Nom

At some point soon I aim to add a couple of 'about' pages on here (if I can work out how) so that there is a central place for both information about this blog, such as the rules of the Rabbit 365 Project, and the weekly themes. One of the rules I came up with is that the weekend posts should sit outside of the constraints of the weekly themes, a chance to experiment with whatever we are in the mood for on those days. Just so you know.

Anyhoos, this afternoon I dropped in to see my good friend Sprat over at the RRR as I heard he isn't feeling well. I was sad to see him not his usual lively self and also sad that he was too fed up with human poking and medicines to appreciate me trying to cheer him up. I did make a bit of a fuss of him though and made sure he knows I'm thinking about him. I was hoping he might be up for a photo, but he wasn't in a posing mood, so instead his wonderful uncle/father Wellington stepped in to help me out!


  1. Lots of love to Sprat and I hope he feels better soon. This is he 2nd time I have seen a picture of Wellington today - as he is appearing in the 2017 calendar. He is very sweet and glad you gave Sprat lots of fuss. We like your new blog and enjoy reading it everyday. Jennifer and Lance

    1. Where did you see the calendar? I've not seen it advertised yet! Interesting trivia - the photo of Wellington in the 2017 RRR calendar was taken by Anouska, who my bunny Anouska was named after (by Caroline)!