Monday, 7 November 2016


The good news is that I've decided the themes for the next two weeks:

I figured continuing to ease in with another simple theme for this week would be good, so close-ups (ears, eyes, feets, floofy tails...) seemed like the ideal choice. If you are following along, time to get creative!

The bad news is that my "I'll take it tonight and post it tonight" plan was scuppered when MrB took one look at the flash gun and ran for the hills (well, technically, holes) prompting Anouska to think something serious was up and follow. Curses.

So what could I do to convey my sadness that I don't get to share my daily photo project with my bunnies today? Why, have a one-off 'sadness' themed post of course. Stuffies to the rescue...

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