Tuesday, 7 March 2017

2017 #66

She wouldn't want to miss dinner so...

What would you do to wake her? Tickle the nose or tickle the feets?!

DISCLAIMER: Options offered for purposes of humour only. Tickling sleeping bunnehs can lead to loss of fingers and is not recommended.


  1. So it would be okay to snorgle her tummy? She is such a cutie.

    1. See above disclaimer. Substitute 'fingers' for 'nose'. Unless you have a full bag of treats taped to it of course.

    2. A full bag of treats? For one little snorgle? Why does everything have to be soooo hard?

    3. The thing to understand is, the bag of treats should be thought of more like a protective and tasty sandbag rather than some sort of payment. The fuller it is, the greater the protection from the incoming wave of chomping teefs.

  2. Wait, how about someone/bunny tickles her nose, someone/bunny tickles her feetsies, and I, I took the tummy less snorgled by.