Wednesday, 22 March 2017

2017 #81

I had a simple idea for today's photo - two bunny heads against a red backdrop. I could see it in my mind, a nice tight zoom, good symmetry. All I had to do was get them to stand next to each other in front of the backdrop...

"Like this, right?"


  1. Someone's getting royal bunny butt and severe disapproval.. Did you give their treats to Emergency Stand In Bunny or something??

    1. What I find particularly funny about this photo is that MrB is for once doing exactly what is asked of him (to be fair to him, I made no specification of what facial expression they should adopt). Anouska is basically saying "You said come over here for treats, where treats?", caring little that I am now the other side of her with the treats.

    2. They live to make your life interesting.. :)