Thursday, 1 December 2016

Under Parsley

It's a bit of a messy photo, but I don't normally see Anouska from this angle so I quite like it anyway. This was something I would do at the Rescue when I was pressed for time and needed to photograph lots of bunnies in a short space of time - bribery and distraction! I don't usually do it at home, but photo time today happened to coincide with me coming back from the shops with some fresh parsley.

One interesting thing to note is that whereas other bunnies would be up on their back legs snatching the parsley, Anouska is throwing her head right back with all her feet on the floor trying to reach. For the first few minutes after she hauls her frail old body off the floor Anouska struggles with her back and general movement, which I am guessing is what happened here - she was probably napping while I was shopping! Once she gets going, within minutes she turns back into a normal bunny. (She has always been like it, there are no signs of actual pain, just stiffness, so she just gets checked out at the vets at least twice a year and so far they are telling us to just keep an eye on it for any signs of it worsening.)

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