Monday, 6 February 2017

2017 #37

After some evening classes in photography last year, where we got to play with different lighting equipment, I decided that the way forward for my indoor rabbit photography was radio transmitter/receiver flash triggers. Instead of having a flash sat on top of the camera, you have a little transmitter box. That box then talks to another box somewhere else that has the flash sat on it. Why does this help? Well, because you can set it up somewhere off the floor, bounce the flash off the ceiling and you don't get the worry of having the strong flash anywhere near their eye-line and accidentally blinding/frightening them.

I finally picked up the kit over the weekend so I was trying it out. As you can see, MrB is always happy to sit there while I play about testing stuff out...

Oh wait, did I say 'happy'? Hap... no hang on, hap...hum...grum...grumpy. Yes, 'grumpy', that's the word I was searching for.


  1. You know, a single word may not adequately cover his response. Perhaps if you piled up a whole lot of them, we could get a better sense . . . no, no, I guess this is just going to be one of those incredibly enigmatic portraits.

  2. The lighting option chosen is a real kindness to the bunns.

    1. #39 was a similar lighting setup and I thought that worked even better! (Possibly because it didn't include the pre-photo faffing about to cause grump in the bunnies.)