Tuesday, 14 February 2017

2017 #45

When I dreamed about this radio-triggered flash setup for photographing my bunnies, I failed to take into account how much I was relying on the focus assist beam on the flashgun (i.e. the red light on the front that comes on before the flash to help the camera focus). It's no help when it's high up on furniture pointing in a different direction instead of on the top of the camera. This ropey old, secondhand, slow-to-focus 5DMk1 I use now seems to especially need every little bit of help to focus in anything other than broad daylight, plus I had been using the beam to help me aim without looking through the viewfinder, since it effectively paints a temporary red cross-hair on the target. Probably more of a 'cheat' than a 'pro-tip' that one.

Anyway, as always, just a little bit of adjustment needed so luckily I can count on patient bunnies to wait without complaint and...erm....no, of course not, what was I thinking.

"Are you giving me a carrot stick treat for this or what?"

I guess but...hey, wasn't there talk of a diet not too long ago?! Cheeky Anouska!


  1. An all carrot diet was probably what she had in mind.. :)

    I know I comment on the bunnies and not the photography, I'm sort of an end product kinda gal. I don't really have a photographer's eye, so I just point my little point and click that has image stabilization (since my hands tremble/shake) and hope for the best. :D

    1. Which is to say - I love your photography. I sort of forgot to mention that bit.

    2. Thanks! :-)

      BTW, shaky hands is no longer a barrier to good bunny pics - you can get all sorts of funky tripod-type things in different sizes, like the GorillaPod for example, and modern cameras that you can operate by remote control via a smart phone so the camera itself remains completely steady. (Have I waffled on about this before?) Also, for scenery or people (but not bunnies) you can use the timer and set the camera down so the camera isn't moving 5 seconds later when the timer goes off and takes the picture. (You can try it with bunnies, but all you'll get is a photo of a blurry nose or a space where a bunny once was)

    3. I'm very much a take a bunch of pics, see which one looks best type photographer.. :D

      I like tripods for when I'm doing video, I don't think I have the patience for when I'm doing still shots.. Reason #17 why I'm not a good photographer. ;)