Wednesday, 19 April 2017

2017 #106

I mowed a few strips through the long, nommable grass for bunnies to race about. They did for about 2 seconds. Then they spotted me, 'the medicine giver', and turned immediately grumpy.

"Is he still following us?"


I'm not sure I've ever experienced such prolonged disapproval from my own bunnies before. It's turning into a long month.


  1. Anouska is so wonderfully protective of Bobbit. :D

  2. Thank you for taking such loving care of those little bunnbunns. In a way I suppose holding (for all you know) the record for being disapproved of is a really good thing. It means your bunnies have had great evidence of and continued trust in your loving patience AND you are probably going to hold the next new record or at lest a new personal best.