Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The 85

I've been looking through Flickr for inspiration a lot this year, which has the added bonus that you can often see the equipment and settings people use to capture great images. In doing so I have become a little bit obsessed with portraits taken with 85mm (fixed focal length) lenses. Sure, mostly on Flickr they are of people or cats, but I've been itching to try it out with bunnies. At 85mm with a shallow depth of field, you can get some quite dreamy separation of subject from surroundings.

Hmmm...I think Anouska might be taking the 'dreamy' bit a little too literally as she looks half asleep! Oh hang on...

Yup. There goes the other half.


  1. Poor wee Anouska.. :D

    How're she and Bobbit taking the heat?

    1. MrB pretends to be ok with it, though I do occasionally find him laid out panting heavily. Anouska really seems to struggle, she gets confused, lethargic (more than usual), less interested in food etc. I'm trying to ease their suffering with early morning garden time and, during the hotter hours, relocating them to the lounge where it's cooler. Then the heat isn't a problem, just the relocator.

    2. Their room doesn't seem so bad today, I think we've had the right combination of breeze and window arrangements. That said, I put them back in there a short while ago and within 5 minutes she was sprawled over the ice pod!

    3. That explains her "Gofundme" for a portable A/C unit. ;)

      Good to hear that they're managing as best can be!