Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Loops

[Scene: A quiet house with chewed furniture. A handsome agouti bunny is glaring sternly at a stoopid human.]
MrB: Where is my treat?
BHV: I just gave it to you, you didn't touch it.
MrB: That wasn't a treat. It tasted of peas.
BHV: Well I'm sorry you didn't...wait - did you say 'peas' or...?
MrB: Not a treat. I want the loopy treat you usually give me at this time.
BHV: We're out. You ate them all. The shop I get those from is 25 miles away, you don't expect me to drive 50 miles just to go get treats that taste very slightly nicer than the treats we have at home now, do you?
MrB: ...
BHV: Well, do you?!
MrB: ...
BHV: I'll get my car keys. [sigh]

(True story)


  1. What's even funnier is the fact that you spent a £1 per loop plus petrol costs and your time just to please a bunny :) You have a high maintenance bunny there! but you just can't say no to their faces.

  2. Well done Bobbit for training your hoomin so well