Wednesday, 9 November 2016

In Your Face

Well, the close-ups for this weeks theme are proving more difficult than I expected. (Unless I wanted a whole week of Anouska taking naps....) Here's MrB this evening, in close-up, disapproving of this close-up.


  1. I expect you have lots of ideas for your 365 project but I have thought of one that you could run over a period of a month. It is a Rabbit A-Z so each day you could have a rabbit related photo for that later of the alphabet - that makes A and B nice and easy for you - C could be Carrots. Anyway just a suggestion and we are enjoying your project. My husband is a hardened Cannon fan to so we enjoyed reading about that. Jennifer and Lance

    1. That's a great idea Jennifer, thank you! I was in fact going to ask for theme suggestions in an upcoming post so you've beaten me to it! The good thing about this is, even if we started it next week, I've still got a month to buy a xylophone and teach Anouska to ride a Zebra...

  2. Sorry I am being illiterate - I meant letter not later :)