Monday, 16 January 2017

2017 #16

This is a perfectly legitimate test I have devised to see how stiff Anouska's back is, in case you thought I was just being mean. If she goes up on her back legs to take the snack I know she's OK, if she needs to use her front paws placed on my leg to reach I know she's feeling a bit stiff and if she throws her head back and her front paws don't even leave the ground I know she's probably having a bad back day.

So, diagnostically, that all works well, now I just need to figure out what it means for her back when she bites my leg instead...


  1. Has Anouska read and signed your diagnostic protocol? I went to a lecture at a local nursery and we were handed out sheets with lists of plants deer wouldn't eat. A man in the back asked, "Have you shown this to the deer?" I somehow missed learning about A's having a back problem. Please tell her we are wishing her well.

    1. It's a bit random, sometimes she's a turbo-charged super-bunny and other times she moves like a frail elderly bunny. I presume she has some sort arthritic issue going on, it does seem to be worse when she first wakes up. They check her spine and movement etc every 6 months at the vet and find no problems, we have been in the "monitor and if it gets worse we'll put her on pain relief" stage pretty much as long as she's lived here. This test is my way of measuring the "if it gets worse". You're right though, it often seems she ate her own birth certificate and doesn't realise how old she is!

    2. She's a sweet bunnbunn. Thank you for taking care of her.

  2. And, please tell her she is using way too much hairspray on her ears.